Results of 4/26 Deep Stack Tournament

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Results of 4/26 Deep Stack Tournament

Postby Dave » Tue Apr 28, 2015 9:05 pm

We had a very good turnout for our deep stack tournament.

24 players showed up many of them holding Ed's lucky nuts :o

Everyone started with 10,000 in chips instead of the normal 2,500.

We paid the top 5.

When the game started I announced to everyone that I was in Blackhawk mode. When they asked what does that mean I said my game play will be like I play in Blackhawk. Mark asked what that means and I just said sit back and watch.

As they soon found out my play was even more conservative than normal. ;)

At noon, 12 pizzas and a bunch of sodas showed up to feed the hungry warriors.

With my conservative play I had managed to work my stack up to about $25,000 by pizza time.

The pizzas and sodas were compliments of Neil Shelton from Country Financial. Thanks a bunch Neil! :D

Frank L, the winner of the last deep stack tournament was the first to be sent to the rail.

After lunch everyone resumed play. Peggy M who was at my table starting building a huge stack (mainly at my expense. Good play and good luck was on her side and within an hour or so she had a huge stack and my stack was dwindling big time.

At one time Mark was down to 1700. However, the dealer gave him two pocket pairs (99 and 10 10) and BOTH, yes BOTH, times he flopped a set. He was then very healthy and probably had the largest stack at the table.

Once we combined and were down to the final 10, I notice Don's stack (who came from table 2). WOW!!! A quick analysis told me he had over 70,000 in chips.

Later on, I made a huge mistake. I was on the button and looked down at A Q. I decided to slow play it and hope I hit the flop. Well, my wish came true. The flop was something like A 4 7 (rainbow). Perfect, I thought to my self. I just need someone else with an Ace to make a bet. Everyone checked and so did I. The turn was a 5. Mark goes all in with about 30,000 in chips. Everyone folded. I thought long and hard. Does he really have 2, 3 for the straight? Possibly trips? Pulling a bluff?

Well, I called and he showed 2 3 to give him a straight. So I sent him a ton of chips. It was a horrible call on my part.

At one time I was down to 1,200 in chips. On total life support. I managed to double up and triple up a few times so got somewhat healthy. I finally had enough chips to make people think if I went all in.

One time I was the big blind with 2 4. No one raised. The flop was 4 7 Q. I decided to go all in because I had a pair. Gary H called because he has a queen. Oh no!!! I got very, very lucky and rivered him with a 2.

I also got very lucky when I had 33 and hit a set of 3's on the flop. 4 people were all in and my set held up so 3 people were sent to the rail because I had all them out chipped.

There there was Hal. The man who will be known as River Rat Hal from this point forward.

At one time Hal was down to about 1,700. I went all in with AA (pre flop). Hal called with 44 and hit a flush on the river.

A little later I went all in with 33, Hal called with A J and hit an ace on the river.

There were many other examples of Hals luck on the river.

Ed L also managed to survive multiple all-ins.

For all the good luck that Hal, Ed, Mark, and I were getting, there was no good luck for Peggy M or Don.

Peggy's stack started to dwindle when she went ice cold.

Dons stack was being eaten up by the blinds. In many cases I went all in when he was big blind and he was not able to call which was good for me :D

Here are the final results

1st: Hal
2nd: Ed L
3rd: Dave
4th: Don
5th: Mark

Bubble: Peggy M

I hope everyone had a good time.

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