Poker results for last couple of weeks

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Poker results for last couple of weeks

Postby Dave » Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:20 pm

I attended the Anthem Games closing ceremonies. For those of you who placed in the Midway Games, Deep Stack and Heads Up tournaments but were not there, I have your metals.


I was out of town for the 9/9 (Monday) game.

Here are the results as reported to me.

17 players, paid the top 4.

1st: Hy
2nd: Stu
3rd: Tom O
4th: Barb

Bounty winners: Dennis, Barb
Bubble Boy: Hank

9/11 game was called at 7:00 because the lodge closed due to the flooding. All money returned to players.


9/16 (Monday) game

21 players + 1 re-buy

Dennis and Barb were the bounties.

Top 4 were paid.

I started out strong but that didn't last long and my Blackhawk bad luck returned. I was the only person to re-buy :cry:

Ed L tried to join me at the re-buy table but his luck was substantially better than mine.

Tom K was on a roll and I lost a good portion of my re-buy stack when I went all-in after the flop of A Q 9 with A Q. Tom K called with A 9 so we both had two pair. I have AA QQ and Tom K had AA 99. Of course, he hit a 9 on the turn to end up with a boat. I had him out chipped by about 500. So I was still in the game but not for long.

Tom K continued with a massive stack but his good luck ran out towards the end but he still finished in the money.

Peggy T was also on a pretty good role. There was one hand towards the end where she lost a good portion oh her stack but she still managed to make the final two.

When we were down to the final two, it was Peggy T and Joe C. Joe C. had a substantial chip lead but Peggy was working on it. Peggy managed to double up when she went all in with pocket 9's and Joe called with pocket 6's.

On the last hand Peggy went all in pre flop with only pocket Aces. Joe called with Pocket Queens. Here comes the flop and BAM!!! A queen shows up. :o Welcome to my world Peggy :D

Here are the final results:
1st: Joe C (for sucking out against Aces)
2nd: Peggy T
3rd Tom K
4th: Ed L

Bounty winners: Ed L (took out Dennis), Tom K (took out Barb)
The bubble boy was Ed L.


Results for 9/18 (Wed) game

We had a relatively low turnout. 13 players with one re-buy. We paid the top 3.

Since Ed tried so hard to re-buy on Monday he attempted it again on Wednesday and this time he was successful. :D

The bounties were Don M and Ed L

My first 4 hands were really good hands. Something like AK, AJ, AQ, etc., and I lost everyone of them!

Fortunately, I didn't lose everything and my luck turned around.

Here are you top finishers:

1st: Dave
2nd: Mike G
3rd: Ed K

Bounty winners: Dave (knocked out Don M), Herb (knocked out Ed L)
Bubble boy was Gary.

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