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Poker update

Postby Dave » Sun Sep 01, 2013 9:30 pm

Sorry for the delay in getting this out. I have been a bit under the weather since my whirlwind trip to Boston.

Don't forget the Anthem Games Deep Stack tournament is this coming Tuesday at noon. There are still seats available if you want to play.

The Heads Up tournament is this coming Saturday at 11:00 and is sold out and we have several people on the alternate list.

Tomorrow is Labor Day and we plan on having our normal noon game.

Here are the results for the previous 3 games

Wednesday 8/21

I was out of town and Alan agreed to run the game. Thanks Alan!

It looks like there were 14 players and two re-buys. The top 4 were paid
1st: Tom O
2nd: Joe C
3rd: Hank F
4th: Stu K

Bubble Boy: Dick Z
Bounty Winners: Joe and Hank

Monday 8/26

18 players with two re-buys (both of them by Hy :o )

The top 5 were paid

1st: Joe C
2nd: Bob G
3rd: Hy
4th: Alan
5th: Ed L

Bubble Boy: Ed K
Bounty Winners: Joe and Stu


Wednesday 8/28
16 players with one re-buy
Top 3 were paid

When we got down to the final two after several hands Ed K and Bill L agreed to chop

The only thing that was memorable to me was when Hy went all in with A Q and Bill W called with J J. Hy, as always, had great faith in the dealer.

The flop had a Jack so Bill W had a set of Jacks. I forget the actual board except that Hy ended up with a straight on the river! :D

1st / 2nd (CHOP): Ed K and Bill L
3rd: Bill W.

Bubble Boy: Hy
Bounty Winners: Ed K (knocked out Joe C), Bill L (knocked out Hank)


Below are pictures of what I bought when I was in the Boston area.


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