Results of 7/24, 29, 31 games

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Results of 7/24, 29, 31 games

Postby Dave » Fri Aug 02, 2013 7:43 pm

I am back from my racing and trip to Glacier National Park. Racing was good. I didn't have any incidents during the races which is always good.

FYI, I took 3rd in the drags and also 3rd in auto crossing. Here is a photo of me at the drag strip. I am in the red car.


I swung by the Lodge tonight and picked up the result sheets. I also talked to a couple of folks who were at some of the games.

I was told that Mark, Al, and Gerry dealt at some of the games. I don't know who the other dealers were. In any case, thanks to all the folks who dealt.

Results of 7/24 (Monday) game:

15 players, 1 re-buy
Bubble Boy: Gerry
Bounties: Herb, Bill L
1st: John H
2nd: Bill L
3rd: Mike

Results of 7/29 game:

18 players + 2 re-buys
Bubble Biy: Stu K
1st: Don M
2nd: Joe C
3rd: Bill W
4th: Herb

Results of 7/31 game:

Here is a recap as sent to me from Gerry (the dealer). Thanks Gerry! :D

I (Gerry) started out great with the Cards that Gerda donated.
Hal asked me to change cards and it was down hill for me after we changed decks.
Gary and Bill were left at the end and both went all in which left Bill with only $200 in chips.
Gary won with a pair of Kings.
Bill lost with his $200 again to Gary with 3 Aces.

11 players + 2 re-buys

Bounty: Bill L
Bubble: Ed K

1st: Gary
2nd: Bill L
3rd: Bill K

Have a great weekend and see you on Monday.

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