Update for 6/10/13 (Mon.) game

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Update for 6/10/13 (Mon.) game

Postby Dave » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:54 pm

We had 15 players and no re-buys so we paid the top 3.

Everyone except Ed L started 2,500 in chips. Ed, being the bounty winner from last week, started with 3,000 in chips.

The bounties were Don and Ed L.

Monday was a good day to be named Bill as all the Bills finished in the money.

Hy made an unusual early exit and I didn't last much longer.

Here are who made the money.

1st: Bill K
2nd: Tom O
3rd: Bill W

Bubble Boy: Stu
Bounty Winners: Stu (for knocking out Don), Tom O (for knocking out Ed L)

FYI, I will miss the Wednesday night game and also all the games next week because I am going to Montana. Wish me luck in the games up there :D

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