Results of 6/3 and 6/5 games

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Results of 6/3 and 6/5 games

Postby Dave » Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:35 pm

I was not able to attend the 6/3 game but Don sent me the results.

13 players with no rebuys.

1st Ed L
2nd Bob G
3rd Hy
Bubble Peggy T

Bounties Ed L took out Joe
Bob took out Ed


Here are the results from the Wednesday game:

17 players plus two re-buys. We paid the top 4.

Don dealt the 2nd table. Thanks Don!

Hy was the sole bounty winner from the previous Wednesday night game so he started with 3,000 in chips. Everyone else started with 2,500.

The most memorable hand was when Hy had pocket Aces and the board showed Q 9 9 9 Q. Hank folded a 9 early in the hand (pre flop). Hy made a large bet on the turn and John H called and was all in. The river was a Queen and John had a Queen so he had a full house (queens full of nines) and Hy had a smaller full house (nines full of aces). So, John won the hand. If Hank hadn't folded he would have had quad nines :o .

Hy had a lot more chips than John did so it was just a slight dent in his chip empire.

Here are the final results:

1st: Hy
2nd: Don
3rd: Ed
4th: Dave

Bubble Boy: John
Bounties: Hy (for making the cash), Ed (took out Herb).

Have a great weekend and hope to see you on Monday. Cards in the air at 12:15


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