Results for 5/29 Game (Wed)

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Results for 5/29 Game (Wed)

Postby Dave » Wed May 29, 2013 11:01 pm

We had 9 players with a whopping 6 re-buys :o so we paid the top 3.

Everyone started with 2,500 in chips except Hy who was the double bounty winner from last week and he started with 3,500.

Early in the game I made the announcement:

This is your captain speaking, put on your seat belts because it is going to be a wild ride!

Well, that pretty much said it all.

3 of the 6 re-buys were on the last hand before the break. The hand started out sane with everyone just calling the 100 chip blind. I had A 4 of hearts.

The flop was three hearts (one of the cards was a king). So I flopped the nuts :D

I checked and Ed decided to go all in. Bill K called, Gerda called, Tom O called and I went all in. I had the most chips.

Bill K called (all in), Gerda called (all in) and Tom O folded.

It was a monster pot. Probably over 8,000 in chips. Bill K was on a flush draw with the Q of hearts. He was dead to my already made Ace hugh flush draw. Gerda had two pair so she needed the board to pair to get a boat.

Ed had 7 2 off suit (OOPS on the all in). Ed went and got his re-buy chips as soon as he saw all the calls.

The board did not pair so my nut flush won and Ed, Bill K, and Gerda were all busted and decided to re-buy.

After the break I had a substantial chip lead and I was informed that only an idiot could lose all those chips :o

A few minutes later Hy also flopped the nut straight and I went all in and managed to send a sizable amount of chips over to Hy.

The whole table felt sorry for me as I was sending my chips to Hy (NOT!!!!!).

I think I then sent chips to Don and Gerda.

Don worked his short stack magic and was able to finish in the money without getting much in the way of cards all night.

All of the sudden I was the short stack. Oh CRAP!!!! Somehow I managed to build my stack back up and when it was down to two people it was Hy and myself.

That was at 8:20 and each of us had about the same amount of chips. The blinds were about to go to 1,500/3,000 and after 10 minutes they would go to 3,000/6,000 and then 6,000/12,000.

I asked him if he just wanted to have the blinds go to 1,000/2,000 and stay there until someone went broke or 9:00?

He agreed and we played for 40 minutes. At one time I had a big chip lead. I then called an-in by Hy and lost and he had the massive lead. I was slowly able to regain the lead. At 8:55 we were back to about even so we decided to just chop the pot.

Here are the final results.

1st: Dave & Hy
3rd: Don M

Bubble Boy: Dick
Bounty Winner: Hy (for making the money)

There is a good chance I will not be playing on Monday so I assume Don will run the game.

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