Results of 4/29/13 (Mon) game

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Results of 4/29/13 (Mon) game

Postby Dave » Tue Apr 30, 2013 9:44 pm

We had 15 players plus one re-buy so we paid the top 3.
Everyone started with 2,500 in chips except for Bill W who was the retiring bounty winner. Hy didn't make the game so we drew for his bounty and Gerda won it.

Bill L dealt the 2nd table. Thanks Bill! :D

We had three Bills in the game so 'Bill' had a good chance of making the money!

Bill W. not only had my number all night but other folks as well. Don M had a nice flush only to have it crushed by Bill W's full house (on the river of course).

When we were down to about 6 people I went all in with pocket 4s and three people called. I had them all out chipped and amazingly enough my pocket 4s held up and three people were knocked out on one hand :o

Here are your top finishers

1st: Bill L
2nd: Bill W
3rd: Dave

If Bill K would have made the money it would have been a Bill Trifecta! Speaking of trifectas, don't forget the Kentucky Derby party this weekend.

Bubble: Gerda
Bounty Winners: Tom O (knocked out Gerda), Bill W (for making the money as a bounty).

Stay warm and see you Wednesday night. Cards in the air at 6:00


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