Results of 4/17/13 (Wed) game

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Results of 4/17/13 (Wed) game

Postby Dave » Wed Apr 17, 2013 11:29 pm

We has 21 players plus 3 re-buys so we paid the top 5.

Before the game started we drew cards to establish the bracket for the Saturday tournament. I asked Gerda to draw the cards for the few people who were not at the game so you can blame her if you were not present :D . I will post the bracket tomorrow in the Heads Up thread.

Everyone started with 2,500 except Gerda who received an extra 1,000 for being the double bounty killer from last week.

Bill W won the dealer button so he was the other bounty.

Hal busted out early on but decided to re-buy which was a good decision. Not only did he win it all but he also took out both bounties on the same hand. :o

The game ended at about 8:45 just before the blinds were to go to 6,000/12,000

Here are your top finishers

1st: Hal
2nd: Bill L
3rd: Tom O
4th: Herb
5th: Gary

Bounty: Hal (took out Gerda and Bill W)

Bubble Boy: Gerry K

If you are not playing in the tournament on Saturday but have nothing else going on feel free to swing by. I plan on ordering pizza in for lunch.

I am asking players to be there by 10:00 and hope to have cards in the air by 10:30

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