Results of 3/25/13 (Mon.) Game

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Results of 3/25/13 (Mon.) Game

Postby Dave » Mon Mar 25, 2013 9:43 pm

We had 17 players and no re-buys so we paid the top 4.

Ed L was the double bounty winner so he started with an extra red (1,000) chip giving him a starting value of 3,500. Everyone else started with 2,500.

Pete won the dealer button at the beginning so he was the other bounty.

Pete reluctantly sat to the right of the dealer and complained on the rare occasion when the dealer would make a small raise ;)

Don M dealt the 2nd table. Thanks Don!

Mark never made it to my table so I missed out hearing him complain how bad the dealer was being to him. :D

Ed L held on to his precious red chip for a very long time. He was not about to give it up. However, he was finally forced to bet it and things continued to go down hill.

Jim and Peggy T joined us once again and Peggy out lasted Jim. Perhaps Peggy needs to tell Jim that a 4 card straight usually doesn't win much :oops:

I heard the other Peggy was on a roll early on. She had great faith in her dealer and it paid huge dividends. Unfortunately, her chips went the way of money in Cyprus banks as time went on :(

Here are your top finishers.

1st: Dave
2nd: Hy
3rd: Joe C
4th: Pete

Bounty Winners: Dave (took out Ed L.), Pete (won his own bounty)
Bubble Boy: Don M.

We still have 5 spots left for the Heads Up tournament. I forgot to bring the sign up sheet but will try to remember to bring it on Wednesday.

Hope to see you on Wednesday.

Remember, cards in the air at 6:00


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