Structure for Wednesday night games

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Structure for Wednesday night games

Postby Dave » Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:26 pm

It will start at 5:30 in multi purpose room #3. Try to be there by 5:25

The amount of chips and amount of time for the blinds will be dictated by how many people show up and will be announced when the game starts. If we have two tables then the start chips will probably be 2,500

Buy-in will be $10. Re-buys are allowed during the first 3 rounds if you go entirely broke.

New rule #1: As you know, being the bubble boy sucks :( Therefore, I have decided to allow the bubble boy to be able to buy in for the following weeks tournament for half price :D . FYI, the bubble boy is the person that gets knocked out just shy of the money.

New Rule #2: High hand of the night wins a free buy-in during next weeks game. Full house or better needed to qualify.

If you have name tags please wear them so we can get to know each other.


#1 This is very low stakes. Purpose is to have fun. No whining when someone sucks out and beats you on the river. It happens to all of us.
#2 Verbal bets are binding. If you say call or all in or raise then you are obligated to perform that action. You cannot say call and then decide to raise. You cannot say call and then decide to fold if you didn't realize that someone had just raised before you.
#3 We will allow people to buy into the game during the first three levels. This will allow late comers to join. If you get knocked out before the 4th level of blinds you may re-buy.
#4 People who are new to Texas Hold-Em may play for free. If they win all they win is bragging rights though
#5 If you are the bubble boy you will can buy-in for the next Wednesday tournament for half price.
#6 Decision of the host (i.e. me) is final.

Each person will get at least the following:

30 white chips which have a value of 10: 300
8 green chips which have a value of 25: 200
10 black chips which have a value of 100: 1,000
1 blue chips which have a value of 500: 500

Each blind level will last 20 minutes. Here are the blind levels

50/100 No more re-buys after the end of this round.
Break All white and green chips will be colored up to black chips
Break: Blue (500) and Red (1,000) chips will be brought in as needed
1,500/3,000 Very unlikely we will get beyond this level.

We typically pay the top 4

Payouts will be rounded to the nearest dollar.

No house rake


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